Here we are! The top 10 picks of the 2011 NBA re-draft! These 10 players are all extremely talented and would give a marked boost to anyone drafting them. If you haven’t seen the 30-21 or 20-11, feel free to check those out.

Kenneth Faried — Milwaukee Bucks

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10The Bucks were still led by Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut, but they lacked a Power Forward. They could find this in Faried, who could also serve as a small-ball center. Who wouldn’t want a Manimal?

Tristan Thompson — Charlotte Bobcats

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10The Bobcats had Gerald Wallace at SF, who was their leading rebounder in their 2010-11 campaign. They had balanced scoring, but a lack of rebounding leads to a Thompson choice over Kanter.

Jonas Valancunias — Detroit Pistons

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10This Pistons roster was full of washed-up players from their last title run, so they would need another year to tank, so the logical solution is draft-and-stashing Valancunias.

Kemba Walker — Sacramento Kings

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10With DeMarcus Cousins and (a not so good at the time) Hassan Whiteside on the team, the Kings didn’t need more front-court work. What they lacked was a shooter to go alongside Tyreke Evans. Kemba fits the bill. The Kings would be happy to steal him at 7.

Nikola Vucevic — Washington Wizards

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10The Wizards had a starting line-up of John Wall, Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee. At this point Wall, Arenas, and Young were all under 30, so a front-court tank would be a huge boost to Washington. They wouldn’t want to wait for draft-and-stash Valancunias to come over, as Washington’s goal would be a cohesive starting five to gel for a season.

Isaiah Thomas — Toronto Raptors
2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10
Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With DeMar DeRozan and prime Andrea Bargnani, the Raptors had a solid one-two punch. Thomas at the helm would mean the Raptors would be going all-out on offense, but the fireworks they’d produce would be worth it.

Kyrie Irving — Cleveland Cavaliers

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10Cavs keep Irving but with the fourth pick this time! Irving’s offensive wizardry would complement very well with a Kawhi happy to play off-ball. Maybe Kawhi’s defense would even rub off, though that might be a stretch. 

Klay Thompson — Utah Jazz

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10This pick is fit over talent as Utah already had an all-star level Deron Williams, rookie Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, and Al Jefferson. A superb SG like Klay Thompson makes natural sense to space the floor and provide lockdown defending, and he would not demand isolation possessions. 

Jimmy Butler — Minnesota Timberwolves

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10This could have gone to Kyrie Irving, but the Wolves had Kevin Love on their squad. Butler would play better with Love, providing stellar defense and slowly growing into a bigger offensive role instead of Kyrie relegating Love to the corner.

Kawhi Leonard — Cleveland Cavaliers

2011 NBA Re-Draft Picks 1-10
The Cavs were devoid of talent in the post-Lebron Era. Kawhi became the best player, thus they should have taken him with the top pick. His defensive prowess would’ve impacted Cleveland immediately.



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