This Sunday is WWE Money in the Bank, and the card is looking awfully nice. With matches such as John Cena vs. AJ Styles and Roman Regins vs. Seth Rollins on the card, as well as the money in the bank match, it’s shaping up to be a quality event. Here are my WWE Money in the Bank predictions.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin (kickoff match) – Really WWE? Again with this match? Ugh, okay. Corbin has had Ziggler’s number since being called up from NXT. He beat him at Extreme Rules, and even beat the crap out of him on Raw a while back. This feud really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere whatsoever. It really didn’t go anywhere to start, but now it’s just being dragged on by WWE. It would make sense for Ziggler to win this match, since he is the babyface and is a huge fan favorite, but I’m going with Corbin on this one. Corbin has destroyed Ziggler for many weeks now, and I think a Ziggler win wouldn’t make much sense, unless they really want to continue this boring feud.

My pick: Baron Corbin


Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus (kickoff match) – As much as I would like to pick Crews, I’m going with Sheamus in this one. I don’t think they are gonna give a new guy a win in his first PPV match of his career. Crews brings a lot in the ring, but his character has been quite boring to this point. It’s too early for Crews to get his first PPV win, so I think Sheamus picks up the win at Money in the Bank, and they continue to feud for coming weeks.

My pick: Sheamus


The Lucha Dragons vs. The Dudley Boyz (kickoff match) – When did this match get put on the card? More importantly, why? Until we figure out how/why this match got put together, let’s discuss the match. The Dudley’s have been taking a lot of L’s the last few months. They’ve shown they are 110% willing to put over young talent. It’s hard for me to not pick the Lucha Dragons.

My pick: Lucha Dragons


The Golden Truth vs. Breezango – Ugh, okay. I’m keeping this one short and sweet, because this match, just no. The Golden Truth will finally get on the right page, and get the win.

My pick: The Golden Truth


Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya – Natalya has not looked good when facing Charlotte. She has faced her the last two PPV’s and has been unsuccessful to pick up a victory. Charlotte also made her tap on Smackdown this week, so expect to see Charlotte pick up yet another victory over Nat and Becky Lynch.

My pick: Charlotte and Dana Brooke


Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil (US Championship Match) – This match is probably the easiest match for me to predict (knowing my luck, I’ll get this match wrong), but I’m going with Rusev on this one. Rusev is a great heel, and the championship looks legit being around his waist. O’Neil, well, I just can’t take him seriously. It seems like WWE felt bad for suspending him, so they just gave him a random run for the US Title. Rusev will continue his run for at least a few more weeks.

My pick: Rusev


Fatal 4-way Match for the Tag Team Championships (Enzo and Big Cass, The New Day, The Vaudevillians and Gallows and Anderson) – I love love LOVE this match. New Day has had a great run with the gold, and I love seeing them with it. Enzo and Cass have made a HUGE impact and are certainly climbing up the ranks, and the fans love them. The Club (Gallows and Anderson) have finally moved on from The Usos and are finally looking like they are looking to dominate the other tag teams in the WWE. The Vaudevillians… well they’re in the match too. I think Gallows and Anderson would make the most sense, but I have a feeling New Day will find someway to retain. I think if they let Gallows and Anderson win the titles, and have Styles beat Cena on the same night (I’ll get to that later), it makes them look unstoppable. I have a feeling WWE wants New Day to break Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s record.

My pick: New Day


Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose) – Oh god, I still am having trouble trying to predict who wins this match. My early pick was Ambrose, so they can set up a feud with all of the former members of The Shield, but then his promo on Raw really makes me think that it isn’t gonna happen that way. Jericho, Zayn, and Del Rio aren’t being considered. WWE is pushing this New Era thing pretty hard, so that puts Jericho out of the running. Zayn gets beat all the time, and no matter how much I would LOVE to see him win it, I just don’t think it’s a realistic possibility. That leaves Owens and Cesaro. I’m going with Owens. He’s been AMAZING since being called up and would help set him up for a run with the World Heavyweight Championship.

My pick: Kevin Owens


John Cena vs. AJ Styles – To many people, this match is the one to watch. The two have cut great promos together and have done a great job hyping this match up. As mentioned earlier, I think it would make sense to put Styles over in this match and give Gallows and Anderson the tag belts, but it’s the WWE. I’m having a hard time not picking Cena. It’s his first PPV since returning from injury and the WWE LOVES Cena. I have a hard time believing the WWE will put Styles over against the face of the company, but he does need a big win so he can show he is not to be taken lightly. In the end, however, I believe Cena will pickup the win.

My pick: John Cena


Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Championship match) – I’m actually pretty excited for this match, but I’m having a reallyyyyy tough time deciding who I think will win. Reigns is not over with the fans, and gets booed out of the building, despite being a face and The Rock’s cousin  (did you know he’s The Rock’s cousin????) Anyways, the WWE has done a decent job building it up, but it’s been kind of confusing. In the promos, they make Rollins look like a babyface and that we should want him to win, despite him coming back as a heel. I think Rollins SHOULD win, but I’m taking Reigns in this one.

My pick: Roman Reigns

This PPV has been the toughest one for me to predict. There are so many possibilities, and with how the WWE is, it makes it even more tough. In the end, Money in the Bank could actually turn out to be a great PPV. The three main events could turn out to be some of the better matches of the year.

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