Gordon Hayward has proved his worth. Just this season alone he lead the Utah Jazz to their best season since they were swept by the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers during the semi-finals of the 2009-10 season. Is Utah the best fit for him? I know Jazz fans think so, but let’s be realistic.

These are the five teams Hayward should keep into consideration this offseason:

Oklahoma City Thunder: Teaming up with Westbrook would be essential and would bring them up a level. This team needs another scorer, and Hayward fits in perfectly. Without Westbrook on the court the Thunder are -18, just imagine what that would look like with Hayward around.

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Indiana Pacers: With Paul George’s future up in the air, you’d have to think Indiana would want to start moving forward. Hayward can be that franchise piece for this young squad. Teaming up with Jeff Teague and Myles Turner could potentially make the Pacers playoff contenders.

Boston Celtics: Even though they look pretty strong right now heading into the Eastern Conference Finals, it wouldn’t hurt to give the C’s more help at that three spot. Getting rid of Jae Crowder to make room for Hayward would be the clear solution to a lot of Boston’s problems.

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Utah Jazz: The Jazz have made huge improvements this past year. The signing of Joe Johnson was key to the team’s success, but to get to that next level the Jazz need an elite forward. Someone who will be a difference maker, and I’m looking at one man….Blake Griffin!

San Antonio Spurs: Playing for Greg Popovich could do wonders for the Butler product. With Aldridge, Parker, Leonard, and Gasol that lineup looks too good to be true. Popovich’s blue collar system would make Hayward feel right at home and not to mention he could add a few championship rings to his resume.

Utah has done everything to try and keep Hayward, even chanting his name after Game 4 of the Western Conference semi-finals. At 27 years old,  it will be a decision that will probably last a few years, as he’s expected to get a max contract.





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