The day has come to elect our new president but it’s no secret that most people aren’t attracted to either president. A lot of the population are voting for a candidate because the other candidate is “worse”. But what if I proposed a different candidate. A third party candidate who, for various reasons, is more than qualified to lead this country. I present to you my pick for this year’s presidential election: Mr Dwyane Wade himself. Think I’m crazy? Here’s seven reasons why Dwyane Wade should be our next president.


7) Wade has his own line of shoes:

7 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade Should Be President

You see, Wade’s kick game is off the charts. He successfully started his own line of shoes which, unlike many of Trump’s businesses, hasn’t gone bankrupt. Imagine him as our Head of State coming out to do speeches in some fire kicks. Let me know when Hillary or Trump have their own custom shoes..

6) Active on snapchat

D Wade is constantly on snapchat, especially during the off season giving the fans a look of what his daily life consists of. But what about Clinton and Trump? They don’t even have their own snapchats. Are their personal lives kept a secret because they’re doing something illegal? We wouldn’t know. Do you want to doubt your own president?

5) Played with Mario Chalmers

The man is constantly surrounded by winners. Having played with the likes of Shaq and LeBron made his character grow and he learned a lot in those years. However, sharing a locker room with a legend like the great Mario Chalmers is, really shows that Wade knows a thing or two about winners. They played together for seven years. That’s 7 years of non-stop knowledge from an icon like Chalmers.

7 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade Should Be President

4) High sense of fashion

Wade clearly has a unique and interesting from a fashion. We’ve seen it during his postgame interviews or events he attends. If elected, Wade could bring some of that swagger to the White House. We all remember Hilary dressing up like Suge Knight during the debate and Trump wears that ugly red hat all the time. We need a president that can dress and show the World that the United States leads the World in swagger.

7 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade Should Be President

3) Three rings

Three rings for the eternal #3. Like I said before, proven winner. Led the Heat to their first championship in 2006 and was part of the Big Three era in Miami. Meanwhile, Hilary and Trump are both ringless with 0 finals appearances. Is that what we want for our country? To be led by ringless individuals? Might as well vote Melo then.

7 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade Should Be President

2) Gold Medalist

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist with Team USA. In other words, has good international experience. If he can go all the way to China and get what he wants, that means he can go out and solve international issues without war.

  1. He posterized the GOAT

In March 2011, D Wade managed to dunk on the GOAT himself, Kendrick Perkins. An astonishing challenge which not all players have been able to accomplish. So tell me, how many times has Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton posterized Kendrick Perkins. The answer is none. That dunk alone is worthy of the presidency.

I hope you read this before you go out and vote. It’s become clear who truly should be our next president and unfortunately his name will not be on the ballot. It’s up to us to write in his name and help elect Dwyane Wade as president of the United States, a position he clearly deserves.