Aaron Hicks hardest throw ever catches Danny Valencia trying to tag up on a fly by. Hicks threw a 105.5 mph fastball on a line from LF to get Valencia at home. This is the hardest throw, by an OF, ever recorded by Statcast*, MLB’s record keeping and analysis division.

Unbelievable cannon! The real question is who wins on a hardest throw from the OF to home? YO or Hicks? Make it happen at the All-Star Game. It has been lacking for some time now, so the MLB should bring in skills challenges. There could be events like the furthest throw, the hardest throw, and fastest time around the bases. These events could bring viewers to a game that is losing viewership every year.

Aaron Hicks Hardest Throw Ever
yoenis cespedes’s insane throw to home plate


Aaron Hicks Hardest Throw Ever
Aarron Hicks throws a very hard throw to third base

*Statcast was only created last year

– Mike Masala





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