Pathetic. Alexis Sanchez’s behavior on the bench during Arsenal’s collapse against Bayern is inexcusable. His Arsenal side was exposed once more by the German giants who showed no mercy and squashed them with a 10-2 aggregate score. To even think that this Arsenal side belongs in the same sentence as Bayern is absurd. Nonetheless, Alexis Sanchez laughing while his team gets scored on a lack of respect for his club adds to the shame of Arsenal fans.

Though not publically admitted yet, Alexis Sanchez has his bags packed and ready to leave the Emirates. Notice I said the Emirates and not London. His destination is still unknown but we do know he wants to be the star at a competitive team. However, as of now, Alexis Sanchez is still an Arsenal player representing the team. He should be wearing those colors with pride and dignity until his very last second with the team.


As a fan, to see your team’s favorite player laughing at the club’s misery, gives you the impersonation that no one, not even the players, care about the team’s misfortunes. One thing is pretending to care but deep down knowing you’re moving on so the club’s future does not concern you. We see it with different players every year. Emotionless on the bench and plays with no heart for the remaining games. We’ve seen it before it’s nothing new. However, laughing when your team concedes a 5th goal at home, is never okay.


The difference between the World’s best athletes and the great players is their determination and hunger for victory. The likes of Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo would never be caught laughing or even smiling as their team is getting humiliated. If you’re team is getting whooped to that extreme, it should make you angry. Angry at the fact that all the countless hours of training failed to even make an impact. The fact that you and your team are being humiliated in front of the World. In Alexis’ case, angry that you’re powerless on the bench while your team desperately needs help.


The World was laughing at Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez was not an exception. His days at Arsenal are limited but it doesn’t justify his childish behavior. If Alexis is on the lookout for a new team this summer, behaviors like these will make clubs think twice. Especially if teams want a star to lead the team to glory. They don’t want someone who blantly laughs during his team’s darkest hours. Or even so, they won’t want a player who’s scored 13 career goals in Champions League play but only two have been past the group stage. AND… those two goals happened way back in 2012. Five years without having an impact in a knockout round Champions League game. Now that’s a stat that’s worth laughing at. Right, Alexis?