With just a few days until the release of All or Nothing, the story of the 2015-16 Arizona Cardinals, we need to focus on some key points to pay attention to. For those who are unaware, during the entire 2015-16 NFL season the Arizona Cardinals were followed by a camera crew to capture some of the triumphs and downfalls of a season. The show will begin streaming on July 1 through Amazon Prime Video and the NFL.

The Cardinals’ season was one of disappointment. The talent was on the staff from the perspective of players and coaches, but injuries halted their run at bringing a Lombardi trophy to Glendale. They lost major contributors throughout the season including starting safety and First-Team All-Pro selection Tyrann Mathieu.

With the loss of such an important piece on your defense, we should all look at how the Cardinals were able to cope with this loss. There was a very noticeable drop-off between the level of play before and after the injury, but I am interested in seeing how they kept themselves focused on the goal ahead. What players stepped up and what allowed them to battle through to the NFC Championship game against the eventual Super Bowl Champion Carolina Panthers?

Another aspect I am interested in is the recovery process for Carson Palmer. He had suffered his second torn ACL of his career in 2014, and made a statement by performing at a high level less than a year later. If they show any of the steps he took to return to the field, this could be eye opening to the fans and other players in different ways. Fans may have more of a respect for the preparation these men go through to play the game we love, and players who are going through their own recovery process may learn some new methods from Carson’s journey.

We will probably all have our eyes focused in on Head Coach Bruce Arians, because he is just such an entertaining guy. His interviews are always electric, and everything you have heard from former and current players insists that he is one of the most interesting coaches in the NFL. I can’t wait to get an inside look at Arians interacting with his players and the coaching staff. If even half of what the players say about him is true, then we are all in for a treat.

There are many others players to lock in on including WR Larry Fitzgerald, CB Patrick Peterson, and RB Chris Johnson that will make this series entertaining to all football fans. Don’t forget about the ridiculous competitions between positions that resulted in many outrageous outfits worn by the team. If you have ever watched NFL’s Hard Knocks, get ready to take that and multiple it by five.




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