As the whistle blew to end the final of the Copa del Rey, it also blew the end of Barcelona’s 2015-16 season. A campaign that brought both wonderful and unforgettable memories, yet also gave fans the worst heartbreaks of their lives. The team’s historically bad streak at the end of March and beginning of April cost them the Champions League and almost La Liga. But as the sun sets on yet another season, in the end, the Barcelona faithful should hold their head up high with pride.

Barcelona 2015-16 Season

The team went from October 3 to April 2 without losing a single game in any competition, 39 games over a span of almost half a year. An incredible feat, to say the least, especially when you consider the fact that Messi missed the first two months of the streak, along with Iniesta, who was also out for a significant amount of time. During that strech, they dominated the world and seemed heavy favorites for another treble.

Sadly, the treble was unable to be accomplished. Atletico eliminated the Catalan side for the second time in three years, thus ending any hope for the first repeat in Champions League history. The fact of the matter is: Barcelona fans have grown to be spoiled, recently. The incredible success in the past ten years has almost never be seen before. It’s as if the team is expected to win, not just one, but multiple trophies every season.

Winning the double is definitely something to be proud of. Not just for the accomplishment, but also for the way they did it along the way. They repeated in Copa del Rey and have now finished back-to-back years without losing in the competition. The unbeaten streak allowed them to have a buffer zone big enough so that their April meltdown wasn’t completely catastrophic.

Their legendary trio of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar continue to shine and break records. This season, they scored a total of 131 goals combined, breaking their record of 122 set last season. Suarez seemed to truly reach his highest potential by snatching the Pichichi from Cristiano, and his big time goals made the $92 million transfer fee seem like a bargain.

Barcelona 2015-16 Season

The future in Barcelona undoubtedly seems bright. The starting 11 will most likely return intact next fall, and with smart off season transfers, Barcelona are heavy favorites to repeat in both La Liga and Copa del Rey, and why not, Champions League as well.

Having to watch the Champions League final on television instead of live in the San Siro will definitely be a pain that the players will prefer not to have. It’s okay, it was still a hell of a season, and there will be two new trophies for the team’s cabinet. Now, its time to relax and regroup, because, next August, the new season begins and with it, hopes of another treble.




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