The WWE Diva’s Revolution is one of the greatest things to happen in sports entertainment history. From the depths of NXT emerged all time great WWE Superstars like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley, the lovable hugger. Bayley and Charlotte would main event tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw for the Women’s Championship and Bayley would upset Charlotte Flair for the WWE Women’s Championship in another all time great match.

Both ladies brought it in this match, from high flying maneuvers to powerful slams, it was a match for the books. From a Dana  interference, to submissions, to kick outs and everything in between:


From Charlotte:

To Bayley’s Macho man Elbow:

Bayley has been a fan favorite ever since debuting due to her hard work, lovable character, and love of the WWE. While Charlotte continues to make her case for the greatest women’s competitor of all time in the WWE, it was nice to see Bayley find her moment. Let’s see how long that will last. I personally think this was a great for the WWE. Naomi captured the Smackdown Live equivalent championship last night, and now Bayley has emerged on RAW.