The Chicago Bears have signed former Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million deal ($19 mil guaranteed), essentially closing (and locking) the door for any Jay Cutler return, setting the Bears up to usher in the Glennon era.

The three-year portion of the deal can virtually be ignored being that only $19 mil of the money is guaranteed, effectively giving the Bears the choice of parting ways with Glennon after the first year with little kick back. This deal also proves the notion of Glennon being a “bridge” quarterback, acting as the place-holder while the Bears develop a young passer that they’ll draft come April.

Mike Glennon’s history on the field leaves something to be desired. In his three-year stint with Tampa Bay, Glennon has started a total of 18 games, with a 30:15 touchdown-to-interception ratio (84.6 quarterback rating). After watching some film of Glennon’s passing, I noticed his ability to be accurate with the football. In his rookie season, he ended with a completion percentage of just under 60% in 13 starts. That’s pretty impressive for a rookie quarterback.

His decision making is quite sound as well, having a 2:1 TD:INT ratio for his career, and doesn’t lack any throw-power whatsoever. What he seems to lack, though, is pocket presence. With a 6″7′, 225-lb frame, it’s hard for Glennon to be shifty in the pocket to avoid pressure. Any pressure from opposing defenses will be an almost automatic sack. Though this is a tad concerning, it’s a fixable problem by coaching footwork to make up for Glennon’s lanky, slow-moving body.

The feeling around Chicago when initially hearing that the Bears were pursuing Glennon with a $15 mil/yr price tag was that of concern and confusion. Why pay an unproven backup QB starter money? Is this our solution for arguably the most important player-position in sports? If we’re looking for a stop-gap quarterback to pave the way for a younger one, isn’t there a better, cheaper option (Brian Hoyer, for example)?

However, after the terms of the contract have been released via Twitter, Bears fans can rest easy. This isn’t our long-term solution. Let’s just hope Ryan Pace and Co. can find our champion to lead us to the Promised Land.

Side-note: The Chicago Bears have agreed to a three-year, $13.5 million deal with former Houston Texans free-safety Quintin Demps. Demps had a breakout year in 2016 in Houston, snagging six interceptions. The only downside is when the season begins, Demps will be 32 years old, and given the history of older safeties the Bears have signed, things usually don’t go well. If Demps can stay healthy, he will add a much-needed veteran presence both in the locker room and the defensive back film room.

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