Michael Bisping has been a UFC veteran for ten years now and is just now getting his first shot at the title. He has been a top ten fighter his whole career, currently having a MMA record of 28-7, with his last win coming over the greatest fighter of all-time, Anderson Silva. After that fight, the reality of Bisping getting his title shot was as real as it had ever been in his career.

Chris Weidman was scheduled to fight Luke Rockhold on June 4th for the Middleweight championship. The only problem with that is that Weidman can never stay healthy, and for the fourth fight in 25 months, Chris Weidman had to back out. So the UFC found themselves in a familiar spot, trying to find a replacement for a fight, and at the middleweight division, the choices were limited. The obvious choice was Jacare Souza, coming off of his most recent fight against Vitor Belfort, which he made quick work of and finished in the first round. The only problem with him was that he needed soldier surgery, so he would not be available for a June 4th fight.

So there was only one choice left for the UFC to make, and they made it. Michael Bisping will get the shot. Michael “The Count” Bisping is coming off of a big three fight win streak. Although the last loss “The Count” suffered was too his next opponent and UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold, he is as confident as ever that he will capture UFC gold.

Bisping has been in the UFC for ten years spending most of those years in the top ten of the middleweight division. People have been calling for Bisping to get a title shot, and now it has finally come. Bisping was adamant on Fox Sports 1 that he is not satisfied with just getting a shot, he is here to be a world champion. Most fans are happy to see “The Count” get a title shot, but also knowing he almost does not stand a chance.

I know every fighter in every fight in the UFC stands a chance, because it is a fight and anything can happen, but Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping is as close as it gets for a fighter not having a chance. They fought once before, and Rockhold dismantled Bisping and finished him with a mounted guillotine in the second round, after dropping him with a head kick. It is no disrespect to Bisping, who I am a fan of and will always have an exciting fight, it is just that I believe Luke Rockhold is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, and anyone in the middleweight division that would of had this fight would not have made it the distance with Rockhold. I advise all fans to watch for a few reason: the first is seeing a legend finally getting his title shot, and the other being able to see greatness in Luke Rockhold. Rockhold told Bisping on Fox Sports 1 that he is going to get slaughtered, time to see if he can deliver and defend his belt.




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