Dwight Howard in Pain
Dwight Howard in Pain



One of the worst things that can happen to an NBA athlete is a knee injury. Unfortunately for the Rocket’s star center Dwight Howard, he’s been dealing with cartilage issues for quite some time now. Cartilage injuries can be career ending. Last season, Dwight Howard missed 41 games because of that knee. This season, the Rockets needed to do something different to help keep Dwight strong and healthy, without irritating the injured knee. Apparently, BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training is how they have been going about it this season. Dwight isn’t the only person who’s been using this methodology to train. Houston Texan’s young LB Jadeveon Clowney also used this methodology to avoid further knee problems last season. How does it work? They’re restricting the blood flow to the veins, which limits the oxygen, thus allowing the athlete to train with lower weights. The advantage is that they get the same results as if they were training with high weights, all while not causing any further damage to a particular joint. I am always fascinated by science and this is a great thing for Dwight.

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More video of the Blood Flow Restriction Training techniques: