After a battle of 11 innings, The Blue Jays have won the Wild Card Playoff game thanks to an absolute bomb by Edwin Encarnacion and a terrible managing job by Buck Showalter. The Blue Jays will now advance to the ALDS and face the Texas Rangers.

I always thought the Blue Jays were a better team than the Orioles this year. I was hoping the Orioles would win because if the Red Sox did have to face one of these teams in the ALCS, I would’ve preferred the Orioles. The Blue Jays have a lot of talent on their roster and can get hot at any moment. Their pitching with Stroman, Sanchez, Happ, and Estrada has been consistent all year.

Buck Showalter’s move to not put in Zach Britton was the dumbest move of the week and that’s including Mike Masala starting Jacoby Brissett over Matt Ryan in fantasy football. Zach Britton is the best closer in baseball this year. He had an ERA of 0.54 and struck out 74 batters in 67 innings. Why didn’t he pitch in this game? You have to win this game in order to go to the playoffs. Did Buck Showalter know that? I don’t think he did. Maybe he thought it was best 2 out of 3? There’s no other way I can think of why he didn’t put in Zach Britton. I would fire him by the end of this week if I was the Orioles. The team battled all year to stay within the playoff battle in the toughest division in baseball and it was all thrown away by their manager.

Tonight we have the NL Wild Card playoff game and I hope we get some great drama just like last night. I have a sick feeling in my stomach if the Giants win this game that they will win the World Series and crush the Cubs heart. It’s an even year you know and the Giants have one the last 3 even year World Series. The Mets might be a better team, but that’s not always the team that wins these Wild Card playoff games. We will find out tonight.

JTA (@jtalden11)