Barcelona have certainly dug themselves in a massive hole in Champions League. A whopping 4-0 loss against PSG means they need a miracle at Camp Nou. A work of magic. A performance from the heavens. Anything less than a historically amazing game will result in their premature departure from Champions League. It’s a feat that has never been accomplished in said competition. Yet somehow, there is a small (small) ray of confidence running through my veins that Barcelona’s comeback against PSG can be completed.


As an active fan of the best team in the World, I’ve witnessed multiple “remontadas” or comebacks in all competitions. Some of the most historic comebacks in the history of the game have taken place in magisterial grass at Camp Nou. Let’s not forget the historically brilliant 4-0 against AC Milan in 2013 (on my birthday as well).


As a fan, there’s only so much that is in our reach. All we can really do is pray to the soccer Gods before the game, wear your team’s colors with pride and hope for the best. Well.. that’s what most fans would do. I however, am not your typical “fan”. I have been known to go to extreme measures to show my team pride in multiple sports.


Back in February 2015, I vowed to dye my beard red if Barcelona were able to accomplish the Treble. Immediately following Barcelona’s Champions League final victory, I went straight to the nearest CVS and bought red hair dye. It was an embarrassing and inexplicable demonstration of team pride that most people failed to understand. I was somehow convinced that my promise played a part in Barcelona’s Treble winning season that year. Therefore, I am going to extreme measures once again. I’m calling out to the soccer Gods. Im bringing out the big guns for the biggest game of the season so far.

I, Martin Ivan Pantoja, promise to shave my beard and dye my hair red if Barcelona make the epic “remontada” and win at least 5-0 at home.

Last time I made this promise, I went through with it regardless of the awkward stares and conversations it led to. Living my team’s success was worth every single second of my awful beard. Hopefully, history repeats itself and Barcelona perform one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports.






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