The WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View main event match was one for the books. Each of the six WWE superstars brought it in a rather entertaining match. John Cena, my favorite WWE superstar, entered the match as the champion and would last up until Bray Wyatt shook the WWE Universe. The leader of the Wyatt Family would first pin John Cena, before going on to face off versus A.J Styles.


Shortly after, Bray would go on to defeat A.J Styles as well, only to be greeted by The Viper, Randy Orton.

WWE fans have been waiting for darkest superstar on the roster to win the WWE gold for quite some time. As it stands right now, Wyatt would be positioned to face Orton in the main event of Wrestlemania. That being said, many things could change between now and then. In the mean time, WWE fans recognize that Smackdown Live has truly been catering to their demands more or less. While Raw continues to feel like a show focused on sales and marketing, Smackdown Live’s superstars continue to up the bar night in and night out.