UFC was notified today that Brock Lesnar failed the second drug test on July 9 and tested positive for the same substance as his June 28 failed test. Lesnar reportedly tested positive for clomiphene, which is the same substance that Jon Jones tested positive for. Coincidence? I think not.

No one was shocked when Jones tested positive, but were surprised to learn it was PEDs after previously failing tests for cocaine. This time around when it came to Lesnar, no one was shocked. The man is a real life “Mountain” and is jacked out of his mind. Most people’s reaction when he entered the octagon were steroid related.

Although it is different from Jones since Brock jumped into the event late and has not been in the UFC in four years and has been in the WWE juicing all he wants. The Jones positive is on Jones, but the Lesnar positive is on the UFC, and they owe Mark Hunt an apology.

The UFC and Lesnar both had to know that there was no chance that he was going to pass a test, but they had him fight anyway. Mark Hunt, the man who Lesnar pounded at UFC 200, is very upset and is asking for half of Lesnar’s $2 million purse. I think that is more than fair, and the UFC should comply. I think look bad if they don’t.

The UFC is doing a great job getting PEDs out of the sport with the new Olympic-style testing, and they do not care who the fighter is, if you get popped you’re out. Only this time, with Brock, they really dropped the ball.

The other thing that this positive test means is that we have probably seen the last of Brock in the octagon. I thought Brock getting the win would mean that he would get back into the mix of things in the heavyweight division. Now he will be facing a suspension and, depending on how long that is, who knows when he will be able to fight again. Even after all of this, I still would like to see Brock fight again, because he brings excitement to everything he does.




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