As if UFC 200 was not big enough, at UFC 199 last night UFC played a promo for 200, and at the end, Brock Lesnar appeared. They then announced Brock Lesnar will return to the UFC to fight at 200, the biggest event the UFC ever put on. The crowd erupted as expected, and my brother and I jumped out of our seats with excitement. His opponent is TBD but is expected to be announced within the next few days. Whoever the other fighter is really does not matter, Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in UFC’s history, and whoever he is fighting will draw millions of fans. WWE fans that would not buy the UFC PPV otherwise might cough up the dough to see their favorite wrestler fight for real.

Brock is probably the most polarizing figure the UFC has ever had. I never really rooted for him, but I always wanted to watch to see him lose. A lot of people say he was never that good, and he got his ass beat in his two last fights, which is true, but no one thinks about the fact that Lesnar was thrown into the mix quicker than any other MMA fighter ever. He had only one MMA fight in his life, and he was thrown into the octagon against Frank Mir, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. He almost beat Mir too, dropping him with punches before getting caught in a leg lock because he just had no idea how to defend against jiu-jitsu. He went on to win his next two fights, the second being against Captain America Randy Couture for the heavyweight belt. Lesnar knocked him out in the second round and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion after just four professional fights.

He defended the title twice, avenging his loss to Mir by making his face hamburger meat with fists. He then lost the belt by getting his ass beat down bad by Cain Velasquez. His last fight in the octagon was against the current number one contender in the heavyweight division, Alistair Overeem, who literally kicked the shit out of Lesnar finishing him with the most brutal body kicks and knees that you will ever see.

Regardless if Brock wins or loses, and whether or not the UFC is using him as a gimmick, he is an exciting fighter, and I am ecstatic to see him fight again. He is one of the biggest men out there, and seeing him in an octagon looking across at another man, is a spectacle. Besides the fact that Brock might lose, seeing him walking to the octagon is like watching “The Mountain” from Game Of Thrones walk into a trial by combat. No matter who or where you are, you have to watch this man fight.

As I said before, his opponent is TBD, but since the fight is at UFC 200, and Brock Lesnar is there to sell tickets, I would assume it will be against another big name in the division. Fighters I can think of off the top of my head; Junior Dos Santos, Mark Hunt, Josh Barnett just to name a few. Whoever they give him, I cannot wait to watch that monster punch someone.




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