The Cleveland Browns have the first pick in this upcoming draft, and it is no hidden secret that they are at rock bottom as a franchise. The team has had many failed draft picks and cannot seem to catch a break. Cleveland has gone through a plethora of quarterbacks without finding the right one. The lack of quarterback stability has obviously affected the team’s overall play. When you look at this draft class, you can see that the talent is there. From quarterbacks to defensive linemen, the Browns have an abundance of options. So, what should the Browns do with the first pick of the draft?

Should the Browns draft a quarterback with the first pick?

There are a couple prospects the Browns can choose from in this department. First, Mitch Trubisky from the University of North Carolina. With Marquise Williams at the helm, Mitch did not get the playing time he hoped for, but in his last year with the Tar Heels, the star QB threw for 3,748 yards, 30 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. The draft prospect is a skilled player, and his skills will eventually translate well into the NFL. The talent is there, but can he step in and motivate this deflated Browns team?

Another option for the first pick of the draft is Deshaun Watson. Watson had a marvelous three year career at Clemson, proving himself as one of the best quarterbacks in college. Deshaun led the Tigers to two straight National Championships, winning one. His performance put some major respect on his name and the Clemson brand. This previous season, Deshaun threw for 4,593 yards, 41 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. Watson’s interceptions were up this year, but that does not take away from his pure talent. You can also look at his performances against Alabama both championship games, where he put up over 400 yards both times. The talented QB showed off his skills in the biggest games against an Alabama defense that has tons of NFL talent. It is no question that the Browns will consider Watson to lead their future.

Cleveland could also consider drafting a solid defensive lineman in Myles Garrett. Garrett had a stellar year in 2016, justifying that he is a top draft choice. He is quick off the edge and can create tons of pressure to force a bad decision from the opposing team’s quarterback. It was obvious that Myles does not want to go to Cleveland when he “joked” that the Cowboys should trade Tony Romo and a few other pieces for the first round pick so they would draft him first overall. While that does not seem like a possible option, will the Browns go with the defensive stud, even though he does not want to be there?

It is no question that the Browns are on the search for the next player that can change their bad luck. The question is, will they make the right decision, or will they screw up another first round pick?






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