New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard Bryce Dejean-Jones has been shot and killed in Dallas County, Texas. According to reports Dejean-Jones was the victim of a fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen on Friday night.

Bryce Dejean-Jones was a very talented guard who had run into trouble in the past. He played for USC, UNLV, and Iowa State in college before going undrafted in the 2015 NBA draft.

Dejean-Jones has been surrounded by trouble for most of his basketball career. At Iowa State, he was arrested on marijuana charges that were eventually dropped. He has also reportedly been in several violent confrontations with former teammates. When reading about these arguments and fights, it seems that he was not the initial cause of the respective issues. In the shooting that led to his death, he was allegedly the instigator. According to Dallas News crime reporter, this was another instance of poor judgment by Dejean-Jones:

Dejean-Jones is the latest Louisiana professional athlete killed by a gun. New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot dead in New Orleans over a traffic confrontation just a month ago.

Dejean-Jones was signed to a three-year contract this season, after playing with the Pelicans on two straight 10-day contacts. After his college career at several universities, there was no guarantee that the gifted shooting guard would ever land a job in the NBA. Just as his career was seemingly getting back on track, his life was cut short.

Though the circumstances around Dejean-Jones’ death allegedly implicate the NBA player in a crime, it’s still incredibly sad to see a talented young man’s life ended. Bryce Dejean-Jones was only 23. Rest in peace.





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