Minnesota Twins’ top prospect Byron Buxton has been sent down to AAA. This is something baseball fans are all to familiar with. It seems as though MLB players get the shortest leash when they are called up to the majors. If there is not a pattern of strong performances for a player, they are almost always sent down or traded.

Buxton started off this year by batting .156 with no HRs and two RBIs. There has never been much power in his game, but even his ability to consistently make contact has disappeared. Without that, there is really not much upside to his style of play. He is a solid defender and has good speed on the base path. This trade off may not be something the Twins are willing to make.

YouTube / MLB Productions 21 – via Iframely

This isn’t the first time we have seen him struggle in such a short career. In 2015, Buxton appeared in 46 games, in which, he batted .209 with two HRs and six RBIs. It appears the jump has been harder for him than previously expected, but going down to the minors isn’t going to change that. He isn’t going to see the type of pitching that is in the MLB, while he is playing for Rochester.

Maybe this is something that never gets figured out, and he is labeled as a draft bust as the number two overall pick in the 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft. In my opinion, however, I think the Twins are better off letting him try to compete up in the big leagues. Sending him down doesn’t help much, and it also hurts his value. If the organization shows that they are willing to stick with him at the MLB level, it could help him find his groove against pitchers, or atleast let other potential trade partners know that he is still an MLB level talent.




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