July 11, 2009 was the date of UFC 100, the biggest MMA event ever at the time. It was a star-studded fight card in Las Vegas. Brock Lesnar headlined the card along with GSP, who after Conor McGregor, is one of the biggest draws the UFC has ever had. It was not either of them that had people talking Monday morning around the water cooler. It was all about Dan Henderson, and how knocked the shit out of Michael Bisping. It is one of the most famous and most vicious knockouts in UFC history. Henderson caught Bisping with his famous H-Bomb, the right-overhand, and Bisping was out cold before he hit the mat, but for good measure, Henderson came flying down with another fist to the face of the unconscious Bisping. It is a punch that has haunted Bisping for years and has only helped grow the legend of Dan Henderson who has made the image of himself diving into the face of Bisping his logo for his website.

Fast forward to today, and now Michael Bisping is middleweight champion and his first title defense is against, none other than, the legendary Dan Henderson. This Saturday night in Manchester, United Kingdom Michael Bisping will defend his belt in his homeland and try to avenge his biggest loss. He admits the knockout still bothers him, and he was upset about the fact that Henderson gave him the extra shot after knocking him out on his feet. Some fighters know when a man is out and do not continue with strikes, but that fight was personal, and even Henderson said he did it on purpose to “shut him up”.

Dan Henderson is now 46 years old and has confirmed that this will be the last fight of his illustrious career. Basically, the only reason he was given the title shot in the first place is because he said this was going to be his last fight. He tweeted out asking the people who his last fight should be against, and just days after Bisping won the belt, the obvious answer for every fan was Michael Bisping.

Dana White, as usual, heard the voice of the fans and granted their wish. This Saturday night we will get to watch two MMA legends step in the octagon and battle for the middleweight champion. For Henderson, it will be the last time we see one of the greatest fighters the world has ever seen. He has been a champion in PRIDE, a champion in Strikeforce, and if he can win one more fight, he will capture the UFC belt. Lets see how it goes. In this fight anything can happen.





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