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Introducing The Fighting Pride Of Dedham: The Paperboy

Matt "The PaperBoy" Tullos was given that nickname because of his unassuming looks. You would think he was your average everyday paperboy. As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Tullos, 23 years old, was raised in Dedham, Massachusetts....

Connor McGregor And Nate Diaz Post Fight Interview

"I am humble in victory and defeat" https://www.facebook.com/PerSources/videos/578068322348835/

Miesha Tate Beats Holly Holm

In what was a great five rounds of fighting, Holly Holm felt victim to the rear neck choke!   https://www.facebook.com/PerSources/videos/578038075685193/

McGregor vs Aldo Round 1

Round 1   https://www.facebook.com/PerSources/videos/544839262338408/

Ronda Rousey Breaks Silence And Gives Health Update

Ronda Rousey has broken the silence, she'll be okay and will come back stronger than ever... right?

Rousey vs Holm Round 1

Don't box a boxer. Lesson learned?   Rousey's Knockout Video Link

Watch Ronda Rousey Get Knocked The F Out By Holly Holm


Lebanon Is Okay, Thanks For Asking Facebook. Message From Lebanon To Planet Earth

Terror has struck the world repeatedly over the last few nights. The world dropped to its knees yesterday, praying for France. Perhaps the ones praying the most for the French were the people who knew the pain more than...

Ronda Rousey Knocks Out Beth Correia [Full Video]

Correia didn't know what to watch out for. Was it the swings? The judo? She couldn't deal with both and certainly shouldn't have made her mad before the fight. Victory officially via TKO

WWE Network: Stone Cold Said He’d Think About Fighting Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 32

When asked by Paul Heyman about his opinion of the Spring Board Stunner, Steve Austin said he didn't mind Cena using it. However, he hated how people kicked out of it. He said they wasted a technique, like the...