John Cena has finally returned to Monday Night RAW and Cena fans couldn’t be more excited. A.J Styles came out to greet him and eventually ended up causing some problems for Mr. Cena. I’m here to explain to you how the Cena Styles Feud is a good thing for WWE and its fans.

Listen, whether you hate Cena or you love him, he’s the biggest WWE star of all time. A.J Styles may as well be the biggest international non-WWE guy as well. To see these two feud would be a great thing for fans of both parties. Whether AJ beats Cena or not, he is being validated by simply facing Cena. As for Cena? Perhaps he could do one of two things.

A. Re-validate himself as the top guy.

B. Notice how Cena doesn’t have any tag team next to him? Perhaps he can help a tag team go over, or continue the popularity of the New Day?


There are many angles Cena and the WWE can go about it. Let’s just hope they don’t screw this up like a lot else of what they do.