Despite tapping out to the Bank Statement last night, Charlotte has already solidified her place in the Women’s Division. The Diva Revolution was a success and a Women’s Title match being the main event of last night’s RAW is further evidence of its success. However, Charlotte isn’t just a top woman on the roster, she’s a top superstar. That’s a discussion for another day. For now, I’m going to share with you why I think Charlotte is the greatest woman WWE superstar of all-time.

  1. She puts on unreal matches: Its not once in a while or once in a blue moon, its every single night. Granted, you need quality opponents to be recognized. So Kudos to the WWE (especially NXT) for developing quality talent from within. Despite her loss to Sasha Banks last night, Charlotte has continued to mesmerize us with her abilities in the ring. It seems like every single time she has a quality opponent, she is nominated for a match of the year award on twitter. Gotta give her that.


2. Her in ring abilities: It doesn’t matter who Charlotte works with, Charlotte is the perfect combination of strength and athleticism. Some Superstars don’t work well with others, but it seems Charlotte can handle just about anyone in the WWE.


3. Her character: Talk about genetics. I don’t know if anyone was better than Ric Flair at cutting promos at his prime and Charlotte as of late has been on a roll in the charisma department. She has been delivering some of the best heel work the WWE has ever seen. She knows how to get boo’d and we love booing her.


Ultimately, Charlotte has the whole package. She’s the real deal. Looks, marketability, appeal to young females, story line, heel work, in ring ability, accomplishments and matches. Without some of the greats in the past, we wouldn’t have Charlotte and I’m conscious of that. However, thanks to those legends, we now have Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and many other amazing women competitors. Charlotte is quickly approaching the top “WWE Superstar” period status. I would absolutely not mind seeing her headline Wrestlemania with Sasha Banks. Quite frankly, she has the world talking.


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