After several attempts to stay relevant, rapper Soulja Boy will finally get his a** beat. Earlier in the week, he instigated a beef with singer Chris Brown. Unlike other beefs, Chris Brown responded back and forth. In the end, both agreed to a celebrity boxing match in this upcoming March.

Like most of Soulja Boy’s career, it was over something stupid. Apparently, Soulja Boy was consistently commenting thirsty comments on Chris Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran’s, Instagram account. Despite not being with her anymore, Chris Brown seemed very bothered by it and told him to stop. Soulja Boy being Soulja Boy, had to make more of the situation than there really was.

Several childish but hilarious Tweets and Instagram posts by both artists (can we really call Soulja Boy an artist though?) gave us laughter and joy.

At this point, I lost track of what really was the original problem in this beef. Both started throwing random shots at each other claiming the other wasn’t as hard as they claimed to be. Soulja went even as far as challenging Breezy to hit him like he hit Rihanna. Ouch…

In a hilarious turn of events, Soulja Boy decided it would be a good idea to go to Compton and stunt with the “gangstas” there on Instagram Live. Understandably so, he was not very welcomed. In the end, his phone ended up getting robbed as Soulja was left defenseless.

Yesterday morning, Soulja Boy sent out a tweet apologizing for all the beefs he had started recently. The rapper explained his mother was sick and he would stop acting out to make her happy. I hope that’s not something he’s lying about but it just seemed a little too convenient to back out at that time.

In the midst of the beef, Chris Brown would even go as for as to challenging Soulja Boy to a celebrity boxing match. Soulja Boy being Soulja Boy, accepted publically. It was later confirmed by former boxer Floyd Mayweather and by Soulja Boy himself that the two would have a boxing match this upcoming March. Not only will Mayweather be hosting the fight, he’ll apparently be working with Soulja Boy before their epic battle.

The fight is scheduled for March and will be available in Pay Per View. Not sure if the entire beef was staged just for the fight or not. Real or not, watching Soulja Boy take multiple punches is worth all my money.





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