You should never challenge the GOAT at anything, ever, even if the GOAT is over 50 years old and not the best player in basketball anymore. The kids at the Michael Jordan camp, in addition to Chris Paul, found that out quickly. Maybe the one thing Jordan likes more than basketball is his money. Don’t mess with a man’s money CP3, just don’t do it.

“Michael Jordan was never one to back down from a challenge on a basketball court, regardless of the opponent.

At his Flight School camp this week, Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul tested Jordan’s competitive nature when he created a simple game for Jordan with a very big reward. The rules were simple: If His Airness missed three shots, the entire camp would get free shoes (presumably Air Jordans).

MJ couldn’t help himself.

Jordan then turned the tables on Paul. His rules: If CP3 made all of his shots, the camp would get shoes.

Former New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher also had an opportunity to send the campers home happy. He just had to do the same as Paul: hit all of his shots.

Even now that he is well into his retirement, it’s hard to beat Michael Jordan on a basketball court. (ESPN)