The Cleveland Cavaliers have to be the luckiest team in the NBA, and many people don’t realize it. Over the past week, the Dallas Mavericks waived 3-time all-star Deron Williams, and without hesitation, Williams agreed to terms with the Cavs. LeBron has the play-maker he is looking for, and it basically fell from the sky!

Cleveland Lucked Out

D-Will has been known for being a shifty guard who makes plays happen, averaging 8.2 assists per game on his career. The 32-year old veteran out of Illinois looks to gain his first NBA championship with the reigning champs, stating that it was “the best fit” for himself at this stage in his career.

Williams was a top guard in the NBA at one point. He averaged a double-double for three consecutive seasons putting up 18 pts and 10 asts. Also, Williams averages 18 points in the playoffs, and that can only come as a green light for the Cavaliers as they look to go for another championship.

Now don’t get me wrong, Williams isn’t the player he was years ago, but the veteran point guard hasn’t lost his touch.  He’s a PG that will space the floor out for shooters like Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, and Jr. Smith. The ball won’t be in the hands of LeBron and Irving all the time due to Williams playmaking ability.

Cleveland Lucked Out

Cleveland won’t be so “top heavy” anymore as LeBron stated to the media before the All-Star break.

Now, Dallas didn’t just waive Deron Williams, they also traded C Andrew Bogut to the 76ers who waived him as well. He is still in talks with multiple teams, but signs point to him signing with the Cavs as well. Talk about adding more pieces to the puzzle.

Cleveland was quite at the trade deadline, but they weren’t hesitant with firing back. With the playoff eligibility waiver deadline right around the corner, Dan Gilbert has found a way to make LeBron happy.





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