Former WWE superstar CM Punk will make his UFC debut tonight. After two long-awaited years after he announced he would leave the WWE and enter the UFC, he will fight Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland.

CM Punk is a complete mystery. Everyone is counting him out in this fight, including me, but the reality is no one knows what to expect, because he has never been in a fight. He has never competed in any type of martial arts of any kind, and he is coming into this at 37 years old. It is hard to buy into him winning a fight against an actual professional fighter 13 years younger than him. Gall has only had two professional fights, only one of them in the UFC, but he looks promising. He finished his first UFC fight in the first-round after dropping his opponent, taking his back swiftly and getting in a quick rear-naked choke. Gall has been very vocal about taking out Punk and sending him back where he came from. Other UFC fighters feel the same way.

Gall approached long-time veteran and the man who is fighting in the main event for the heavyweight title Alistair Overeem and introduced himself. Overeem told him “We know who you are kid, send that man back where he belongs.”

Many want to see CM Punk lose, but I actually want to see him win. It would be a better story if he wins. A man leaving his great career behind to challenge himself in another way, defying odds against a younger man and finding a way to get a victory. I would love to see it. The problem is I do believe Mickey Gall will defeat CM Punk, most likely in the first-round. I see him dropping Punk with punches and submitting him as the fight goes to the ground. No matter how the fight goes I will have much respect for CM Punk just for having the courage to take on this challenge of stepping into the octagon. Can’t wait for tonight!!

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