Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, is universally considered the best coach in the NBA. Many even consider him the best coach in basketball. Some, consider him the best coach in basketball history. And then there are some people like myself, who wouldn’t have a problem with calling Popovich the greatest coach in North American sports history. Gregg Popovich has won NBA titles with a top ranked defense, offense, and a combination of the two. His ability to adapt to the changing NBA is what makes his tenure as a coach of the Spurs a legendary one. He’s done it with elite big men. He’s done it with elite wing players. Gregg gets it done. That is the reason why his assistants are often sought after. One of his assistants though, Mike Budenholzer, might just be the best coach in the NBA.

Why you ask?


You can click here if you want the long and serious explanation as to how and why Dwight Howard is having his best season in years playing under coach Budenholzer.

But forget the long serious explanation. I watched Dwight play and he didn’t look soft! He was rebounding, blocking shots, hedging on the pick n rolls, and actually looked like somebody who wanted to win? I haven’t seen Dwight not look soft since 2008.

Video Proof That Dwight Howard Is The Softest Player In The League

Posted by PerSources Sports on Saturday, May 23, 2015

Look I don’t need much out of a coach. I just need the team to compete and play a little defense. However, making Dwight Howard not look soft? Forget coach Popovich. Forget coach Jackson. Forget coach LeBron James, forget all of them.

Coach Mike Budenholzer may just be the GOAT for this accomplishment alone. They need to build shrines not just in Atlanta, but all across the nation for Budenholzer. Riots across America may even need to pause just to show their appreciation for this accomplishment.

The only thing that could trump this accomplishment is a coach managing to get James Harden to play defense. But then again that’s like asking the NFL to function with any intelligence. Let’s not ask for the impossible.

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