Dan “Hendo” Henderson is a man who needs no introduction in the MMA world. A true legend of the sport with accomplishments nearly unmatched by any other fighter. The only thing Henderson has not accomplished in his career is the UFC belt. The man is turning 46 next month, and he has announced that his next fight will be his last and put the question out to his twitter followers..”Who should I fight in my last fight..?”

The answers came back overwhelmingly one-sided, Michael Bisping. Michael Bisping became the Middleweight Champion in his last fight, the same night Dan Henderson won his last fight via knockout adjacent Hector Lombard. The most memorable win of Dan Henderson’s career came against the current champ back at UFC 100. The fight ended with one of the most memorable highlight reel knockouts of all-time that will be showed over and over for eternity.

Now, Bisping is champ, and Henderson is looking for the last fight of his career. It just makes sense to see the rematch. Even though Henderson is in no position for a title shot in the rankings, who cares? This is the right move for the UFC to do, which is why they continue to be so profitable, they give the fans what they want. The Henderson vs Bisping rematch was getting so much traction that they were sending tweets and memes back and forth to each other.

It seemed as though he wanted to call it a career after his last fight, but something inside him said one more. I do not think anyone was imaging he would not only get a rematch against Bisping but get a title shot! It will be a story book ending to a legendary career, which if ends in winning a UFC belt, will go down as one of the greatest of all-time.




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