D’Angelo Russell was the first round draft pick of the Los Angeles Lakers last season, and he was quick to impress many, while also giving others reasons to have some doubts. From my point of view, D’Angelo did nothing but show me why the Lakers chose him over Kristaps Porzingis and Jahlil Okafor. Lakers fans, D’Angelo Russell is the next great NBA guard in a league full of amazing guards. There’s more to this kid than just ice in his veins.

I remember when the University of Massachusetts at Lowell traveled to Michigan to face Trey Burke and the Wolverines. There was a one point difference going into the second half, and Trey barely managed to get his Wolverines to rally past Akeem Williams and the Riverhawks. Williams, went on to work out with the Boston Celtics and ultimately pursued a career over in Europe. Burke on the other hand, went on to start for the Utah Jazz. The next year, the Riverhawks of Lowell traveled to the Ohio State University. It wasn’t a close contest by any means.

D’Angelo Russell torched them.


D’Angelo Russell was an absolute stud at the college level, whose skills ultimately translated to the next level. D’Angelo had some highs and lows, including extreme highs (vs Golden State) and extreme lows, “Snapgate“.

The highs and lows should excite Lakers fans. D’Angelo went through adversity, which is something every young guard will have to face at some point. Russell was fortunate enough to go through some of the worst of it his first year in the League…. And he bounced back.

Since Shaquille O’Neal, a dominant big man hasn’t been the key towards winning a championship in the NBA. In the last few years, championship centers haven’t averaged top 60 in touches in the League. Its been proven year after year that the new NBA relies on its wing positions to win championships. There’s been a premium on bigger guards, and D’Angelo Russell fits the perfect NBA point guard profile.

D’Angelo is a 6’5 guard with decent athleticism, elite scoring ability, and a willingness to facilitate the basketball. Playing along side the young Lakers core, Russell has managed to have multiple 30+ point games in limited minutes. The loading process is almost complete, and D’Angelo Russell may surprise some NBA fans who are sleeping on him. Damian Lillard emerged in his second year in the League. I’m willing to bet, D’Angelo Russell is going to win back many fans who deemed him a snitch, and solidify his spot as the best player on the Lakers roster. Also, did I mention, he has ice in his veins?


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