Just when we thought this Laker team couldn’t get any worse, it does. This team already performs poorly every night, having one highlight/miracle win against the Warriors. Now, he have teammates getting snitched on for cheating. The one thing you don’t do in life is tell on your bros. You can be disappointed and scold them, but don’t videotape them saying they cheated on their fiance.

The Lakers are now apparently isolating Russell from every aspect of the locker room. It’s almost like when you’re the kid in HS who told the teacher about kids skipping class. No one wants to sit with them at lunch, no one hits him up after practice to hang out, they are on their own.

I am not condoning Swaggy P’s actions at all, but having your teammates video leak to the public is the LAST way you want your fiance to find out about you cheating. No one will trust Russell for a long time, even if he isn’t the one who leaked the video. He could’ve used it as blackmail, or even just show Swaggy P saying I gotcha and then delete it later, but no. He kept it, probably sent it to one of his boys just trying to be funny and that guy sent it to TMZ or wherever.

Either way, both of these players took some Ls. Russell isn’t going to be trusted in a NBA locker room for the rest of his career and Swaggy P and Iggy are most likely done if Iggy’s tweet didn’t make that clear enough.