Looking At The Best Landing Spots For DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan trade

The NBA world is blowing up surrounding rumors of DeAndre Jordan being on the trade block. With the Clippers losing Chris Paul and the West getting better around them, it’s time for LA to look toward the future. Blake is committed long term, and Jordan has a player-option next summer. Trading the center for a first-round pick and a solid role-player or two seems like the best move for the franchise. To me, I see the best destinations for DeAndre Jordan as: Cleveland, Milwaukee and Washington.

Deandre Jordan current stats: 11.9 PPG, 15.1 RPG, 66.1% FG, 4.5 O-RPG, 1.0 BPG


The Cleveland Cavaliers are having problems defensively, and although it seemed like there answer would be having Tristan Thompson returning, it definitely was not the case. They could definitely use an upgrade. Jordan is a big defensive presence in the paint, and the Cavs are allowing 45.2 points in the paint per game. There’s no doubt that, with Jordan, this would improve and give them a better shot at competing in the finals.

With Isaiah Thomas coming back and Kevin Love moving to 4 the Cavs would now have options on the offensive end. IT on the P&R and Love stretching the floor is dangerous. All the physicality and offensive rebounds he would bring would change the feeling of the team. LeBron misses a lay-up, and Thompson grabs the rebound and passes out. With Jordan, he would probably slam it back down and just bring tremendous amounts of energy in Cleveland.

Potential Trade:

Cleveland receives:                                               Clippers receive:
DeAndre Jordan                                                   Tristan Thompson
                                                                          Brooklyn’s 1st Round Pick


The Bucks have some young promising talent, when healthy, in Giannis Antentokounmpo, Jabari Parker, and Malcolm Brogdon. This team is fast-paced and exciting. They’re quick and explosive and have only added more with the addition of Eric Bledsoe. The biggest strength that Jordan can play on is his dunking and put-back ability. With Giannis and Bledsoe attacking the rim, they have Jordan to clean up the misses and dish out to Brogdon or Middleton for the open three. Jason Kidd’s style of coaching fits Jordan, and with no true PG in the Clippers, a fast paced team fits DJ.

Potential Trade:

Milwaukee receives:                                              Clippers receive:
DeAndre Jordan                                                    John Henson
Brice Johnson                                                       Mirza Teletovic
                                                                           Thon Maker


Washington has kept there team pretty much the same as far as their core. They’re missing an elite center to help them to become contenders in the East. The back-court of Wall and Beal is stunning. Otto Porter Jr is a defensive monster and Markieff Morris is a huge component to this team. Marcin Gortat is not the championship center that the Wizards need. Deandre Jordan brings his rebounding and an ability to become the fourth or fifth scoring option to the table. With this, he can get more points per game, because he won’t be much of a focus for teams. It’s amazing to see what Scott Brooks has been able to do in a short time with the Wizards. He’s found success quickly with Gortat at center, and it’ll be dangerous when he adds an explosive, physical, rebounding machine.

Potential Trade:

Washington Receives:                                                 Clippers Receive:
DeAndre Jordan                                                          Marcin Gortat
                                                                                 Jason Smith
                                                                                 Kelly Oubre Jr



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