Last night, Anthony Davis set an all-star game record high of 52 points, as he went forward to win the MVP in New Orleans in a 192-182 victory for the West. However, no one cares about that because yesterday it was announced that the Sacramento Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to Davis’ New Orleans Pelicans!

My first reaction: LOL no way. This is fake. Then I realized the tweet was from Adrian Wojnarowski.

Second reaction: WOJ BOMB! Wait, what the hell is going on here?!

The trade

Pelicans sent: Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a 2017 1st round pick, and a 2017 2nd round pick.

Kings sent: DeMarcus Cousins, Omri Casspi

Yeah… this is beyond crazy. I’m flabbergasted, so let’s go to the Q&A already.


How devastated do you think Boogie was when he found out about the trade?

Here is the video of him supposedly finding out after the game:

On the inside, on a scale of 1-10, I’m going for a solid 9. He’s publicly stated multiple times that he planned on staying in Sacramento, that it was where he wanted to be for his entire career. Also, with him being traded, instead of being able to re-sign for $209 Million, he can only get $179 Million (LOL) max contract from New Orleans. The only reason that this isn’t a 10 is because Cousins gets to play with Davis.

How horrible was this trade for the Kings?

They traded 40 cents on the dollar! They gave up the most talented center in the league for three role players and two draft picks! I can’t believe that they couldn’t get more out of the Pelicans, and I’m shocked that no one offered a better deal to steal a 26-year old who is averaging 28-11!

Should Danny Ainge be ashamed of himself that he didn’t offer a better deal for Cousins?

Yes. He has to be. Will Ainge continue holding on to draft picks until they become players? Remember, most of the time, draft picks have more value while they are still draft picks. After they become actual players, there is less value in them barring the pick being a potential stud.

Is this the worst trade in recent history?

This is another way of asking if this trade is worse than the James Harden trade. I’m going with yes, because while the Thunder didn’t know they how good Harden would become on (even though there were signs of his potential),we know how good Boogie is now.

How much of a snake is Vlade Divac?

He’s not on the level of George Karl, who spent 20 years in the NBA as a head coach and had the reputation of a snake for the majority of his coaching career (and then released a poorly received book on his time as one at the end of last year), but Divac is definitely a nefarious snake after this. He had publicly assured the media and fans that he would not trade Cousins TWO WEEKS AGO. The Kings weren’t a free agent destination to begin with, so why would anyone go there since Divac is someone who’s word is now questionable?

How long has Grant Napear wanted to lash out these tweets about DeMarcus Cousins?

Years. Definitely for some years now. Expect all types of stories painting Cousins negatively over the next couple days.

Who is Grant Napear?

He is the host of his own sports radio show and is the play-by-play announcer for the Kings. He’s most famously known for his mantra whenever an amazing play is made: “if you don’t like that, you don’t like NBA basketball”. After Marv Albert, he’s my favorite basketball commentator.

Will Cousins re-sign with New Orleans?

Who knows? He’s been public with saying that he would not re-sign with any team that trades for him, but the Kings obviously plan on moving on without him. Since the Pelicans have the rest of this season and all of next season to convince Cousins to stay, it’s certainly possible. I’m guessing yes, but we won’t know until we know.

How monumental was this trade for all parties involved?

Sacramento, who has a reputation for drafting terribly, has set themselves back a decade. Boogie’s future is uncertain. The same could be said about New Orleans, though at first glance it is brighter, and Davis must be ecstatic right now.

Could the front-court of Davis and Cousins become the most talented one in NBA history?

Assuming he re-signs, definitely. We have two big men ages 26 and 23 that can run the floor, pass, shoot (especially Cousins from 3), slash, post-up, and play defense (Davis especially). The last great big man duo was Tim Duncan and David Robinson after the 1997 draft. While both were amazing, neither were the unicorns that Cousins and Davis are.

What are the immediate plans going forward for Sacramento and New Orleans?

Sacramento will now embark on a tank quest for the remainder of the season, and the Pelicans, who are 2.5 games away from the eighth seed, will push for the playoffs. Both of these teams have been in the lottery for years and are now heading in opposite directions. I have no idea what will happen. No one does. All I know is that I’m here for all of it.





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