A month ago it was reported that the Denver Broncos offered Von Miller a contract that was reported to be worth $114.5 million. Miller reportedly declined the contract, but he still stated he couldn’t imagine playing anywhere than Sports Authority Field. The star LB apparently had a change of heart, because it was announced today that Miller and the Broncos agreed to a six year contract worth $114.5 million with $70 million guaranteed. This is the most guaranteed money ever offered to a defensive player.

This is the type of deal that Von Miller needed to get. As I have said in the past, John Elway would be stupid to let Miller walk away because of a couple million dollars. He has been one of the best LBs in the league, by far, and he seems to get better every year. It is likely that the Broncos will take a step back this year, with two unfamiliar quarterbacks entering the system for their first season. Miller will be one of the only consistent pieces to help the Broncos reclaim the AFC West and make a run at the playoff.

The biggest takeaway from this signing is the future of the NFL for contracts of the stars. With Miller getting the most guaranteed money ever received by a defensive player, we should expect more young stars to continue to strive for more money and higher pay days. Players like J.J. Watt and Khalil Mack are going to ask for guaranteed money closer to $90 to $100 million, and they should absolutely get it. The highest performing players in the league should be paid as such.

The cap keeps rising, and these players will keep making their own. Von Miller isn’t one of those players who will give up and take it easy once he gets his first big pay day.

Good for the Broncos. Hopefully this allows them to be competitive in their division, and they can make another run to the AFC Championship.




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