TMZ has received a video that is reportedly showing Denver Broncos’ DL Derek Wolfe punching another club visitor.


It is not really clear in the video what started the fight, but it is definitely worth a look. This video comes out just a day after RB LeSean McCoy’s case is thrown out due to a lack of evidence. Without more videos, there is simply not enough to tell what caused Wolfe to react with a hard right. TMZ is reporting, however, that he was hit with a glass bottle and left the club bloodied. The police were not called. The league will probably look into this, but I expect nothing to come out of it.

Wolfe has been known for some of his violent trash talk on the field. During a game last season, Wolfe told Patriots QB Tom Brady that he would “eat his kids”.

The real question is: Why do these guys still allow people to video tape them? I get it you want to have fun in the club, but at some point you have to realize what is happening to the careers of some players just because someone recorded a stupid moment. Either be in VIP, or have someone collect phones. You simply can’t let that happen.

– Mike Masala





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