Wow, what a fight! For the first time in a while, a big fight lives up to the hype. But of course it did, these two fighters always deliver. You will hear some people saying “best fight ever”, but that is being a prisoner of the moment. It was a great fight between the two biggest stars of the sport, and no one should be left disappointed. Although some did not agree with the decision, I will not touch on that. I do not want to take away from the fight by making it all about the decision.

That was the fight that the new UFC owners were praying for. This fight will only gain fans and raise the UFC popularity. Also, Nate or Conor have not lost any fans but could have only gained from the other side by putting on such a great fight. Each fighter showed heart, toughness, and perseverance throughout the fight. Both men were hurt at some point but pushed through. Nate was dropped early in the first two rounds three times but seemed to turn it around after that, as Conor seemed to tire. He came back strong after being badly bloodied in the fight, as he is in most fights. The Diaz brothers have so much scar tissue they will bleed in every fight, even the ones they dominate.

Nate seemed to be taking serious control of the fight when Conor came out for the fourth round with a second wind. He hit Nate with a big body kick, which slowed him down in the round. Just great back and forth action throughout the fight, as they both earned their paychecks.

This fight made Conor the highest paid UFC fighter ever and Nate the third highest. Conor made $3 million beating Brock Lesnar’s $2.5 million fight from UFC 200. Nate made $2 million. Of course the trilogy will make even more. This has to make Conor and Nate the two biggest draws in the UFC now. Nate said he will only accept big money fights, and I don’t know how many fighters are that kind of a draw that he can fight besides Conor. Hopefully the UFC will find him someone.

Conor has a decision to make. Either he goes back down to defend his 145 belt to fight Jose Aldo, or give up his belt and fight Nate again. In my option he should give up the belt and fight Nate again. That is the biggest fight possible, and he already destroyed the 145 division, leaving everyone unconscious in his path. Although, Aldo would be a big fight and a very hard fight which he could very possibly lose. I think a cut down to 145 after two straight 170 fights is bad for him and not necessary. I think either way, eventually, we will see the third at some point.

The third fight will be another crazy fight with another crazy build up which everyone will be waiting for again. It will become the greatest UFC trilogy of all-time surpassing the likes of Penn vs. Hughes, Velasquez vs. Dos Santos, and Ortiz vs. Shamrock.





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