So after months of trying to make this fight happen and Conor pulling some bull shit, the UFC has finally announced the rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor for UFC 202 on August 20th. About damn time!

Nate Diaz was on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani a couple weeks ago and told him that they have been trying to schedule this fight, but Nate said they did not come to an agreement yet, because Nate was asking for more money. After, Nate posted a video of him slapping UFC president Dana White in the face with the famous ‘Stockton Slap’ with a caption “Getting Deals Done”. So everyone was expecting the fight announcement during the PPV last night, as the UFC will usually do. After the first or second fight of the night they showed the promo for the fight and announced it will be taking place August 20th, and the crowd erupted. My house erupted as well with the announcement that we have been waiting for since the first fight ended.

Let the debate and the shit talking start once again. All the McGregor fans will be making all the excuses for why he lost and will be telling everyone how he will win the rematch. All the Diaz fans will just be sitting back smiling (like me) confident that Diaz beat Conor’s ass with just ten days notice. Let’s see what happens with a full camp.

Even though Diaz finished Conor in just the second round in their last fight, the rematch is still very intriguing, because every fight is different, and any pro fighter can win on ‘any given Saturday’. Dana White said the Conor was begging for the rematch…be careful what you wish for. I understand a fighter wanting to avenge his loss, so Conor asking for the fight makes sense, especially since this is the biggest money fight either fighter can get at the moment.

I feel in the end Conor is still all about the money, so win or lose he will be happy with the pay day he is going to get. This is why I think Conor is taking the fight at 170. This way if he wins he can say he beat the bigger guy, and if he loses he can say he is tough for stepping up a weight class and fighting the bigger guy.

I believe Nate Daiz will walk away with the victory once again. I do not like picking rounds, because picking fights is already pushing it. No one ever knows what is going to happen in a fight, but I think Nate will finish McGregor. He will most likely finish him the same way, with volume striking and crisp boxing catch Conor with a punch, get to the ground and submit him. There is now two months to prepare for this fight and I have never been so excited for a fight in my life. The build up will be like no other press conferences we have seen yet. A lot more coverage on this fight to come, with two months to go, this is just the tip of the iceberg.




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