Assuming LeBron James isn’t actually a free agent and will resign with Cleveland, the biggest free agent this summer and the player the Lakers want most will be Dwight Howard. Just kidding, its Kevin Durant by far. I not only believe but I predict that Kevin Durant will sign with the Lakers this summer, and here’s why:

When a player like Kevin Durant assesses where he’d like to play, several factors come into mind. Lifestyle, money, coaching, and most importantly the chances of winning. That being said, you need a young core that’s better than the one in Oklahoma City, a better coach, and a lifestyle that will appeal to Kevin Durant. Shaq and Stephen A. Smith have both already predicted this to happen, and I’ll explain why I do too.

The City:

Unlike Boston which is tainted by its cold weather and whispers of racism, Los Angeles is the perfect fit for Kevin Durant. Does Kevin Durant like to party? I’d say anyone who’d openly drop a bag of marijuana in front of TMZ likes to party. Boston is a rather dull city that shuts down around 1, unlike the luxurious nightlife of the West Coast. The city of Angels also has a nicer climate than that of Oklahoma City, New York, or Boston.

The Roster:

The Lakers developing young roster has more potential than that of Boston’s or Oklahoma City’s. Russell Westbrook is a superstar in his own right. However, after trading James Harden, its ultimately been a one two punch. After this year’s draft, Los Angeles could be the next Golden State with a deep starting young roster. D’Angelo Russel has shown flashes of a developing superstar scorer, Jordan Clarkson is a brilliant distributor, and Julius Randle is an above average workhorse with impressive handles at the power forward position. Are the Lakers a couple of years and a proven superstar away from an NBA Championship?  I think so.


Boston and Los Angeles have the two greatest legacies for any franchise in all of basketball. However, its about Kevin’s legacy. Does he want to go down as one of the greats who didn’t win a ring? Absolutely not. So why not Golden State who has shown signs of interest in him? If he’s learned anything from LeBron’s venture to Miami, he shouldn’t chase the ring but bring it himself. In addition to that notion, Miami was LeBron’s team whether haters want to admit it or not. Golden State would be Curry’s team. Kobe’s celebration was more than just about Kobe. It was a beacon for all other free agents on how the Lakers treat their own.

Last but not least: Phil Jackson

Whispers around the League have indicated Phil is looking to leave New York and join the Lakers. The Lakers have recently fired their head coach. With a young core and a superstar in Durant with the potential to acquire another big man, pieces are starting to fall into play of what looks like another Phil Jackson title run.

Every team in the NBA would make space to pay Durant the max and grab a second free agent for him. However, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles seem to have all the fitting components to land Kevin. Do you think Kevin Durant will sign with the Lakers? Let me know your thoughts below or via twitter: @Persources14