Dwyane Wade Emergence: Enter, Father Prime

With all the crazy games happening in the Western Conference, and the Cleveland Cavaliers awaiting the winner of the Heat v. Raptors series after winning eight straight games, we have to talk about how excellent Miami Heat guard, Dwyane Wade, has been. The surefire Hall of Famer has turned the clock back with several vintage highlights of raw athleticism (that was thought of to be gone) and a display of crunch-time chops. He has definitely proven, throughout the playoffs, to be worthy of his nickname, Father Prime. Before watching tonight’s Game 6, let’s reflect on the excellence of the 34 year old shooting guard.

Round One, Games Six and Seven

After winning three straight games, Charlotte was poised to finish Miami in Buzz City, but the Heat legend wasn’t having any of that. Miami would win by seven points, after a heroic 4th Quarter by Wade. He would score ten of his 23 points in the 4th Quarter, including eight of Miami’s last ten points. Of those last eight points, two of them were 3-pointers. Before the first one was made, Wade hadn’t made a 3-pointer since December.

Going back home for Game Seven, Miami would obliterate any hopes of the Hornets making round two with a 33 point victory at home. Wade had a measly 12 points, six rebounds, and one assist, but reaching Game Seven wouldn’t have been possible if Wade hadn’t closed Game Six the way he did.

Round Two, Games One and Four

Miami would steal Game One in Toronto with a six point victory. Flash finished with 24-6-4 and three steals. Despite Miami dropping the next two games and being pushed in a corner, Wade had scored 17 and 38 points. The Raptors won Game Three 95-91. If Wade hadn’t been the only one showing up in crunch-time, Miami might be up 3-2 today.

In Game Four, Wade led everyone in scoring with 30 points. He had nine points in the 4th Quarter, including the game tying basket in regulation. With Miami up one, Goran Dragic would make a clutch 3-point play to put Miami up by five. Following that, Wade would pluck the ball from Terrence Ross and end the game with a dagger dunk.

Wade’s 30 points would be the 34th time that a Heat player had 30 or more points in a playoff game, surpassing LeBron for first place in Miami Heat history.

Thanks to SportsCenter, we know that Wade has been the most-clutch player in these playoffs. We can only hope for another great game from Father Prime.