Today, the Philadelphia Eagles sent QB Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a 2017 first-round pick and a conditional 2018 fourth-round pick. This trade comes less than a week after Vikings starting QB Teddy Bridgewater tore his ACL in a team practice. The only thing I can really say about this trade is: REALLY?

The Vikings were willing to part with a first-round pick for ONE season of Sam Bradford, who has been mediocre, at best, in his NFL career. In his only season in Philadelphia, Bradford threw for 3,725 yards with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 14 games. If you expand that to 16 games, which is always a question for Bradford, he would have had over 4,257 yards with 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. This would have been his best statistical season of his career.

The point is that you still get only ONE season of Bradford instead of a guaranteed four to five years of a first-round talent. Head Coach Mike Zimmer and General Manager Rick Spielman cannot realistically expect their team to make a Super Bowl run behind Bradford. This goal would have been extraordinarily tough even with Bridgewater.

Minnesota could have even suffered this season and basically receive a free top 15 draft pick. Bridgewater will be back, so it is not like they were stuck in a rebuilding rut for five years. They could have just received a better pick.

Now, Philadelphia regains a first-round pick after trading theirs to the Cleveland Browns in the transaction for the number two pick in the 2016 NFL Draft used to select QB Carson Wentz. The Eagles gave up their insurance plan for Wentz for a first-round pick. It’s not often you are able to trade a back-up for a high selection. They still have Chase Daniel to back up Wentz if he is unable to play due to health or lack of experience.

I am absolutely in favor of Wentz starting, as well. I have never bought into the the cliche “let the rookie sit for a year and learn” idea. Put him in the game, and let him learn the game firsthand.

Overall this was a terrible trade from the point of view of the Vikings. One year of a replacement level quarterback is not worth a first-round pick.





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