First thing is first, Fantasy Football is not just a game. Your first money League draft is the most crucial part of your entire summer. This is where months of trash talking, research, time invested and your destiny all comes into play. Per Sources Sports is the people’s community and I, TPR, am your boy! If you’ve come here, that means you’re looking for my early fantasy football advice that could save your season, before it even begins!

I will be writing numerous articles on just how and who to draft exactly based on your respective League, number of participants and individual rules. However, this article is here just to save you from yourself. You should be doing research right now, and not just any research; The right research. Until my next few pieces are up, here are some Fantasy Football Rules to live by:

#1 Thou Shall Not Draft Before Week Four Of the Preseason: If there is one pet peeve I have its people who ask me, “Who should I draft tonight?” in the middle of August. Injuries are a part of fantasy football and they are impossible to avoid. However, why crush yourself before the regular season even begins? Imagine if you were the guy who drafted Jordy Nelson in the first round, only to lose him by August 23rd to a torn ACL. Let’s face it, you didn’t just lose a star wide receiver, you lost your moral, confidence, and smack talking ability.

#2 Thou Shall Not Draft A Quarterback Early In A One QB League: Most Last year I had two power house teams with similar mistakes caused by my cockiness. I figured I was just way better at drafting sleepers than everyone else that I could outwit everyone and take a quarterback early. I took Luck in one league, and Rodgers in another, both in the second round. Even though I had Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins, losing Keenan Allen to a terrible injury, Jamaal Charles to a torn ACL and not having a second premier running back hurt me in ways I could not recover from deep in the playoffs. To make matters worse, I was better off starting Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins at times over both of these quarterbacks.

Who should you draft early?

I’ll elaborate more in PPR vs Standard Leagues in future articles, but your main focus should be running backs for standards because of how rare they are, and wide receivers for PPR. I typically like to string Tight Ends unless you’re in the mid of the first and Rob Gronkowski falls to you.

#3 Thou Shall Scout One Sleeper And One Rookie: Your ability to find that one sleeper and perhaps one rookie who will actually be productive can make or break your season. Last year, I took Larry Fitzgerald in the fourth in all my leagues. The year before that, Bryant from Pittsburgh (I won my League that year). I will be sharing with you who these sleepers and talented rookies will be in the weeks to come. Don’t focus on too many though, stick to a couple names you like and be quiet about them. I already have my eyes on the WR2 of Houston and RB1 of Detroit, we’ll talk about that later.

#4 Thou Shall Not Join Too Many Leagues: If you’re not in it to win, don’t be in it. You need to be willing to make smart trades and really work the waiver wire during the season. Mind games, manipulation and trash talk play a huge role in your ability to execute smart trades for yourself. Don’t disinterest yourself. Be a winner.

In conclusion, keep coming back to me at @persources14 and I’ll help you figure out what you need on a weekly basis. In the mean time, do not draft before September and you’ll be just fine. I’ll be teaching you how to draft in fantasy football and who to draft very soon!