When Evan Turner first signed a two year deal with the Boston Celtics, websites like B/R reported that Boston was limiting itself by taking on Evan Turner for too much money (just over $3 million at the time). Evan Turner left Boston with a heartfelt Instagram message after signing a four year deal with Portland, worth over $70 million!

Evan was a phenomenal player with the Boston Celtics, often playing any of the guard and forward positions. Although in my eyes he was a poor man’s Paul Pierce, he did bring a lot to the Celtics that other players couldn’t. On the flip side, Brad Stevens and the Celtics just may have saved Evan’s career.

Evan before joining the Celtics,

“There’s a hundred ways you can attack the topic of me and how my career’s gone. The one thing I say is I’m getting better every year. When you mention my name, you either say No. 2 pick before or after my name. So a lot comes with that as well. I’m over those past four years and I’m just worried about each day now.”


Safe to say, he’s on the right track: