Everyone knows that I am a Red Sox fan, and with their early exit out of the playoffs, I find myself rooting for the Chicago Cubs now. I usually do not root for any other baseball team and would just watch the rest of these playoffs neutral, but I gotta jump on the Cubs bandwagon now, especially with the legend Theo Epstein running the show. I mean it has been 108 years. I’ll be happy seeing them win one. Red Sox fans know all about curses, and although not many people from Boston will admit rooting for another team, people want to see the Cubs win. The Cubs are a hell of a lot of fun to watch though, as fun as baseball gets.

Now any baseball fan who no longer has a horse in the race is now pulling for the Cubbies, but don’t get used to that. The Cubs are so young it appears they are going to be one of the top teams in the league for years to come. So, how long will it take for everyone to go from rooting for the Cubbies to finally get one to, these damn Cubs are gonna win it again? They are built for the future, and they are already looking at winning their first one this year. Yeah, they’re fun to watch now, but wait five years and their looking at maybe the second or third championship. People will start to get sick of this team real quick.

Sports fans love a good story, but they hate watching a dynasty when it is not their own team. Once a team starts to dominate, the hate starts to come in. I admit I want to see the Cubs win this year but not next year. Although this year is not over yet, they are the heavy favorite, and it does seem that this is their year.

Who are you rooting for?





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