Around 6:30pm on Saturday evening, as the game ended between the Phillies and Brewers at Citizens Bank Park, Ryan Howard grounded out to the end of the game. Phillies lose 6-3. As Howard returned to the dugout, a fan in field level seats tossed a beer at Howard. The aluminum can appeared to land near his feet, and did not hit him.

Why are Philadelphia fans so dumb? Frustration is abound, I get that. The Phillies hot start has cooled off, as of late, and Howard is a big reason why the offense has been anemic. Frankly, he has been absolutely awful this year, offensively. I’m the leader of the “get Tommy Joseph as much time as possible” camp.

Howard’s batting .151 – and it’s not like he’s only gotten 20 at-bats this year – he has just 22 hits in 161 plate appearances. Howard’s time of relevancy in the city of Philadelphia is over, and if he wouldn’t be due such an incredible amount of money if cut, he probably would no longer be on the team.

All of that being said, there is no way to justify treating a sports legend of your city like this. He won an MVP and led the team to a World Series victory. Can you imagine Packers fans throwing things at Brett Favre as his play declined?

Howard brought Philadelphia the championship it was starving for. Though he may not be playing well at all right now, he deserves the utmost respect from Phillies fans. The Police are after the fan who threw the bottle, and rightfully so. The problem with fans acting up in stadiums is that they’re largely held unaccountable for their actions.

Philadelphia 76ers great Charles Barkley even chimed in, saying

“I think it’s different when you throw a bottle at somebody. That’s just unacceptable and cannot happen. Regardless of whatever happens, he deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.”

Between Flyers fans throwing bracelets at Ed Snider’s remembrance game and this incident, I’m not sure Philadelphia fans will ever get rid of the national stigma they have. The media only needs a few dumbasses to further the “Philadelphia fans are rude and violent” narrative. I know for a fact that the few people who do these idiotic things are not a fair representation of the fans as a whole. Their actions are, however, unnecessary, disrespectful, and dumb.

If you know this guy, tell him he’s a moron, and inform the police.




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