Francis Ngannou Is The Scariest Man In UFC History

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou

WARNING! There is a real life Predator loose in the streets. Lock your doors, hide your kids, ’cause he’s knocking out everyone in sight. Francis “The Predator” Ngannou is now undefeated in six UFC fights, ending four in the first round. He’s been earning his nickname, looking like an actual predator in the octagon, with his super strength being his punches. Saturday night was his biggest test to date against legendary heavyweight Alistair Overeem. He proved he was up to the test by finishing Overeem in the first round with one of the most vicious knockouts in UFC history.

“HOLY SH*T” was all you heard. The room began shaking as everyone jumped out of their seat when Ngannou took Overeem’s head off with a left hook. Francis brought the punch from Mississippi, it gained speed going through Illinois, and when it got to Detroit (where they were fighting) it landed on Overeem’s chin and damn near killed the man. Not to mention the follow up punch he landed as he jumped down onto the unconscious body. I’m sure the group I was with were not the only ones debating whether or not Overeem was dead in the octagon, as his body laid stiff as a board on the mat as Ngannou walked around holding his hand up.

When the title shot is your reward and you don't want to let it go, this is how crazy you will fight to win it #ufc218

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I mean just look at that dude’s neck! He’s lucky his head is still attached to his body.

There has been a long list of scary men that have fought in the UFC over the years. Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell, even Alistair Overeem. None of them have had the feeling that Francis Ngannou has. Those men are big and tough and hurt people, but none are as big and bad as “The Predator”. Overeem is one of the biggest men to ever fight in the octagon, and Ngannou made him look small. The size and intensity the man has is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Just looking at him will strike so much fear in you that a drop of pee might come out. He’s ferocious, violent, and is looking to hurt everyone they put in front of him until he has the strap around his waist.

Now, only one man stands in his way, the champ Stipe Miocic. Stipe will be up to the challenge. He’s always game to throw blows and see who goes down first. In his case, the other guy usually goes out first, but sorry Stipe, that time is over. I’m a big Miocic fan. I think he’s one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time and can beat anyone with his power. But there’s no part of me that can look at them and pick anyone to beat Ngannou right now. He’s too fierce, too big, too powerful. Dana White said he wants this fight to happen as soon as they can. He would love to have them as the main even at UFC 220 in Boston, MA. All I can say to that is, YES PLEASE!!!



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