Gilbert Arenas desperately needs a job to stay busy. The former NBA All-Star constantly creates controversy with his posts on Instagram and now on his Snapchat. “Agent Zero” and questionable decisions go almost hand in the hand. Years after Arenas got banned for storing weapons in his locker in Washington, his childish decisions seem never ending.

The latest victim of the new savage Gilbert Arenas was Lakers’ SF Nick Young. Arenas enters Young’s house by jumping over the gate because “the n***a won’t give me the gate code”.

Arenas strolls in acting like he owns the place, and begins interrogating SwaggyP over his repeated infidelities during his time with Iggy Azaela. In front his of SwaggyP’s son!! Come on man!

How are you going to illegally walk into your boy’s house and start asking him “Where are the bit***s” in front of his son? SwaggyP didn’t even know what to say the whole time. You could see the look on his eye was like “really bro? You’re going to do this right now? In front of my son?”

Young’s son was also an unmerited victim in this week’s episode of “Agent Zero’s savagery”. Poor kid is seen just playing with his toy on the couch when Arenas straight up throws his toy off the couch and yells “f**k off the couch”. Later on in the video he takes his scooter away just because he kid admits he doesn’t like him.

The best part of the video in my eyes was when he pointed out that Young had a whole basketball court in his backyard but still received no playing time. Coming from a man who didn’t play more than 35 games in the last six years of his NBA career and had to go play in China. A former All-Star who retired at the age of 31 because he got no minutes. Ironic huh?

The final cherry on top was the crude murder joke he made about “being the new OJ” while flashing a knife in front of the camera. In a day and age when people are extra sensitive and when things like that happen almost weekly, you CANNOT make jokes like that!

While other former players are investing their money, working as analyst on TV or even working in front office, Gilbert Arenas has taken upon himself to create the worst possibly reputation through his social media. For our amusement, I hope he continues to drop gems like these all over social media.

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