One of the greatest UFC fighters of all-time and the greatest welterweight in MMA history, Georges St-Pierre, is returning to the octagon. His last fight was against Johnny Hendricks, where he won maybe the most controversial decision in UFC history. He retired after the fight and left the UFC as a champion in November 2013. His legacy can never be tarnished, but now he feels ready to return and compete again after signing a new deal with the UFC.

There have been rumors of his return for some time now, so this is not a huge shock to some, but it is still huge news. People can make a legit case that he is the best UFC fighter of all-time, and it would be hard to argue. Wherever you rank him, having GSP come back out of retirement is almost the return of MJ from baseball for the MMA world. He is one of the best of all-time for sure, and it is not the same as Anderson Silva or Jon Jones coming back. Anderson was coming back from injury, so you knew he would likely fight again, and Jones was coming back from a suspension, so he would return as well. After a year passed, there was a true belief by most that GSP was actually retired.

Now that he is officially back the only question is, who is he fighting? To me there is a short list of fighters that can even be a big enough name to draw GSP. My top five list of fighters I would like GSP to battle (one being the most appealing):

  1. Nick Diaz
  2. Conor McGregor
  3. Anderson Silva
  4. Michael Bisping
  5. Tyron Woodley/Stephen Thompson (whoever wins Saturday)

Many intriguing match-ups on the horizon for the legend, and only time will tell who he will fight. With the choices above, it is hard to predict who will get the fight. My guess would be he fights for a belt, whether he fights for his former belt at welterweight, or if he bulked up while he was away and needs to fight at middleweight.

Let me know who you think GSP should fight in his first fight back?





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