The biggest UFC news of 2017 so far has been that GSP is returning and fighting Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship. Only problem was that Dana White could not announce a fight date, because no one knew when GSP would be ready to fight. White initially said he wanted the fight for international fight week in July, but when Bisping said he was ready to fight GSP had nothing to say. So we’ve all been waiting for the fight date to be announced.

There was a break in the story last week when GSP posted a video addressing Bisping on Instagram. Only it was a break for the worse for MMA fans. The clown GSP said in the video that he is taking care of things and he will be ready to fight anytime after…October! This dude shittin’ me? October!

With Bisping saying he is ready now and Yoel Romero ready and deserving, waiting until October for GSP seems a bit ridiculous. I mean who does this guy think he is? He thinks he can just waltz back into the UFC, demand a title shot, and say everyone has to wait until the end of the year for the demanded fight. Not on Dana White’s watch. White announced late last night that he is pulling GSP out of the middleweight title fight and will be giving the fight to Yoel Romero.

I think everyone is in agreement that we were all excited to see GSP come back, but waiting until the end of the year is outrageous. Romero is ready and deserves the fight more than anyone, and he makes the most sense. Waiting until after October would have been the longest the middleweight title has ever gone without being defended, and that’s just can’t happen. Dana White was not going to miss the opportunity to make that big of a fight, and hopefully he can make it happen in July as he first wanted to with GSP.

Who knows if GSP will even fight Bisping or fight for the middleweight belt at all. Maybe he works his way back down to the welterweight division and tries to win his belt back. It is all up in the air at this point, and it’s all on GSP.





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