Dana White has just announced who GSP will be fighting in his return fight! St. Pierre will be fighting Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship! Wow! What a fight! GSP will be jumping up from his former welterweight weight class, which he dominated for years, to the middleweight class to take on the champion. GSP has been away for three years, and he must have bulked up while he was away and thinks the middleweight division will be better for him now.

Michael Bisping vs. GSP will be a fight featuring the two most-winning fighters in UFC history. Bisping is the leader with 20 wins, and GSP is tied for second with 19. It is by far the most combined victories in a fight and will be featuring the two most-legendary fighters to be in the octagon together.

It will be a very interesting fight to see if GSP can still bring it like he used to, and if he can prove he’s still difficult to defeat. Bisping is a great striker and a great fighter with probably the best second act to a career in UFC history. He will be the bigger fighter in this bout.

They have not announced the date or venue for the fight yet, but it has been made official, so the buzz has already started. I’m guessing the UFC will put this eventĀ in Vegas for a fight like this, but being that neither fighter is from the US, who knows where this fight will take place.

Should be a great fight and a great build up. Can’t wait!





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